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Hair thinning is a major concern for many adults, whether it is caused by genetics, age, covid, health conditions, or years of over-styling. Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP therapy, is an innovative nonsurgical solution that boosts hair growth. Our team in Hagerstown, MD utilizes a double spin PRP capture system that produces 7-10x more Protein Rich Plasma then our competitors who use a single spin system.  By creating a powerful serum of growth factors and bioactive proteins derived from your own cells, we can help strengthen your hair to give you thicker, healthier locks. To learn more, call Ageless Skin and Laser Center to book an appointment today.

What are the Benefits of PRP Scalp Therapy?

Our team understands that the loss of hair can be frustrating and embarrassing. There are many reasons people with thinning or balding hair benefit from PRP therapy in Hagerstown, MD. Ageless Skin and Laser Center proudly takes the time to understand the needs of each patient and provides personalized solutions. Here are just a few of the benefits of PRP scalp therapy:

  • Strengthen existing hair follicles
  • Promote new hair growth
  • Increase hair thickness and volume
  • Reduce scalp inflammation
  • Enhance natural circulation in the scalp
  • Reduce itching, flaking, and irritation on the scalp

Who is a Candidate for PRP Scalp Therapy?

Generally, people who have experienced hair loss due to genetics, natural, health conditions, or over-styling may benefit from this treatment. A consultation at Ageless Skin and Laser Center is the best way to determine your candidacy for PRP scalp therapy. During this appointment in Hagerstown, MD, our team members will assess your overall health and discuss your specific goals for hair restoration. Platelet-rich plasma is safe, natural, and minimally invasive, so many people choose this option over surgical procedures. Please inform our staff if you have any allergies before PRP treatment begins.

To begin PRP scalp therapy, your blood will be drawn and placed in a double-spin centrifuge so the platelet-rich plasma can be filtered out. The PRP will then be carefully injected across the scalp using a very thin needle. Once injected, the platelets activate the body's natural healing process and begin encouraging the scalp to produce hair growth.

It is so nice to have such an incredible Med Spa in Hagerstown as most Med Spas are 45-90 minutes away! So not only is the location great, I found her prices to be very reasonable. I have been seeing Michelle for miconeedling and treatment of my melasma. After only three visits, my skin tone is noticeably much more even and smooth and my melasma has faded tremendously! Michelle (who is a nurse practitioner) is wonderful...she is professional and very informative. If you don't know what a Med Spa is then you are missing out! She offers injectables (such as Botox and Xeomin), a variety of skin treatments (such as microneedling and chemical peels), laser hair removal, hair restoration, NeoClear laser treatments (for things such as acne, rosacea, spider veins). I am an extremely pleased client and I highly recommend Ageless Skin and Laser Center!

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PRP scalp therapy is a clinically backed option for individuals struggling to choose between hair loss solutions. At Ageless Skin and Laser Center, we are pleased to provide innovative solutions to efficiently treat thinning hair. To hear more about PRP treatment sessions, contact our Hagerstown, MD office to set up an appointment.

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How much does PRP therapy for hair cost?

PRP therapy treatment costs will depend on how many appointments you need. During your first appointment, our staff will develop your treatment plan to make the most of your results. Then, we can discuss your cost of your PRP session plus advise you about payment methods taken at Ageless Skin and Laser Center.

Can PRP scalp therapy be done in combination with other hair treatments?

Numerous people pair different services with PRP scalp therapy, including topical medicines you put on at home, microneedling, and others. Michelle will examine your head and extent of hair loss before making your personalized therapy plan. She will review instructions for what onsite treatments are best for your hair loss and any over-the-counter remedies that could help in between sessions.

Are the PRP injections painful?

At the same time as the serum is being made, a numbing agent will be applied to your scalp to help you stay comfortable throughout the PRP scalp therapy. The numbing cream should reduce your pain during the treatment. Your scalp could potentially remain numb or tingle for a short time after your appointment; however, this is temporary and normal sensation will come back in a short time.

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