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What is Nutrafol?

Nutrafol is a brand that offers hair wellness solutions through dietary supplements. Quite often when women and men initially start to suffer from thinning hair and baldness, they will attempt nonsurgical, minimally invasive alternatives in an attempt to restore their missing hair and to prevent future loss. With recent advances in the hair restoration industry, there are many of these treatments available to Hagerstown, MD patients. One solution is Nutrafol. During an appointment at Ageless Skin and Laser, a team member can determine the cause of your hair loss and discuss whether Nutrafol is right to help fight your condition. Our office proudly offers Nutrafol and its various product formulations, including specialized supplements for men, women, aging individuals, postpartum mothers, those with extensive hair thinning, and more.

How Does Nutrafol Work?

As an oral supplement prescribed at Ageless Skin and Laser, Nutrafol works by providing a comprehensive approach to hair wellness. Its supplements contain a blend of clinically researched ingredients that target the root causes of hair problems, such as stress, hormonal imbalances, aging, and nutritional deficiencies. These ingredients work together to support the hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth, strengthening existing hair, and improving overall hair vitality. Nutrafol's formulations address both the internal factors that impact hair health and the visible signs of hair thinning and loss. By nourishing the hair follicles from within, Nutrafol aims to provide long-lasting results and healthier hair.

So glad I found Ageless! My hypothyroid condition had my skin dry and dull. Sun damage, acne, and the aging process had taken a heavy toll on my skin, but between regular treatments and sticking diligently to their personalized daily skin care routine, Ageless has made my skin youthful and radiant again! I get compliments regularly. Truly worth every penny! Highly recommend!

S.G. Google

Since moving from Alaska last year, I have had a difficult time finding local venues that offer some of the treatments you offer--to the point I was trying to get my MD neurologist husband to open up a clinic around here haha. I'm so glad I found you though. Sierra has quite the finesse in her treatment style. She did an outstanding job. Just a suggestion but it would be awesome if you offered trainings to medical professionals who are interested in learning how to perform some these kinds of procedures. There is huge demand for it and nurses like myself would LOVE to learn! I know countless nurses who are intrigued by this profession and don't quite know where to begin as there is not "degree" for it.

R.A. Google

If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would! Lovely business, run by local lovely women! Thank you Emma and everyone at Ageless!

K.R. Google

Today I received my IV vitamin cocktail and it was an amazing experience with Sierra. They she was equipped with everything she needed for IV therapy and was friendly, attentive and professional. My service was very top-notch and the prices are very affordable. I also left feeling incredible and amazing. I highly recommend them to any and everyone !!!! Thank you Sierra, see you soon #HappyClient

K.S. Google

Great experience! Wonderful staff! Sierra and Michelle were very helpful and kind addressing my skin issues and concerns. Recently, unknowingly worked splitting wood in poison ivy, oak and sumac. On prednisone and steriod lotion for a week. My skin still looked bad. Itchy and sore. Miserable!!! Sierra also addressed my concerns with blemishes, sun damage + wrinkles on my face. The IV drip did wonders!! My skin looks and feels SO MUCH BETTER!! The skin on my face is smoother, looks and feels better after one laser and micro derm treatment. Will definately be a returning customer! Thanks for everything you do! So nice to have a Med/Spa locally-owned and close to home. Sierra and Michelle made me feel like I was sharing my issues and concerns with a (good friend) professional not a (clinical sterile) professional. If you have concerns or issues with skin, aging or inflamation give them a try. Again, GREAT EXPERIENCE! Thanks for all you do and I will be back!

M.B. Google


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Low-Risk Restoration

While seeking a solution for your hair loss, it's important to remember that surgery or even minimally invasive procedures aren’t always required. It is possible to stop hair loss and restore new growth with oral supplements from Nutrafol. Contact our helpful staff today to learn how this prescription hair growth medication could help you revive your hair and reach your aesthetic hair targets.

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